Our Story

BPI Outdoors was founded in 1999 and immediately acquired the CVA brand from its former owner. After this acquisition, the sales of CVA products grew in double digits annually for several years, eventually becoming the number one selling muzzleloading gun brand in the United States.

BPI Outdoors followed with the introduction of its second brand, PowerBelt Bullets, in 2002. The PowerBelt brand added to BPI’s market dominance by rapidly becoming the market leader in muzzleloading projectiles, eventually achieving a market share which has been estimated at over 60%.

Continuing its brand expansion strategy, BPI Outdoors acquired Quake Industries in 2005. At that time, Quake was best known as the manufacturer of a small line of innovative slings called “THE CLAW.” Quake Industries was a natural fit to BPI’s business model because many of the Company’s products Intellectual Properties were protected by patents and provide unique and tangible benefits over competitive offerings. By 2007, BPI had firmly established The Claw Sling as the best-selling rifle sling in the $20+ price point range. Other products, such as the Quake All-Terrain Seat, added in 2006, are now expanding Quake’s reach beyond just slings.

The next brand added to the BPI Outdoors portfolio was DuraSight Scope Mounts. DuraSight was created because of the need in the shooting marketplace for scope mounts that were strong enough to endure the recoil and the real world hunting abuse that muzzleloading guns dish out, yet affordable enough for the average hunter. We successfully accomplished this objective through the incorporation of a zinc alloy material trademarked as Z2 Alloy – which is 50% stronger than the best aircraft grade aluminum. By constructing the DuraSight mounts of this Z2 Alloy material, the void between “steel strength” and “aluminum price” was filled, leading to impressive sales on their own and eventually to OEM inclusion on almost all CVA branded guns. DuraSight scope mounts are now the dominant “muzzleloader specific” scope mounts on the market.

Bergara Barrels was established in late 2006. The Bergara Barrels factory is located in northern Spain and combines the most technically-advanced barrel manufacturing equipment with an unwavering commitment to quality. The result is a line of O.E.M. and replacement aftermarket barrels that are guaranteed to shoot more accurately than any other production barrel on the market. Bergara Barrels now supplies barrels on an O.E.M. basis to several of the top firearms manufacturers in the world. Bergara Barrels are also used exclusively in CVA’s highest grade guns – the Accura™ and the Apex™ — as well as all rifles sold under the Bergara brand name. Debuting in 2015, Bergara will be also manufacturing and selling its own Bergara Premium Action, both to our O.E.M. customers and direct to gunsmiths and consumers.

In 2012 a line of Bergara Custom Rifles was launched and has since established a stellar reputation for accuracy and dependability in both tactical and hunting circles. These precision bolt-action rifles are all built around the now famous Bergara barrel. The gunsmiths who build our Bergara Custom Rifles have the highest level of experience in their craft. With either the Marine Corps Precision Weapons Section or the Department of Defense, they’ve built and maintained precision firearms for elite U.S. military personnel – warriors who staked their lives on the accuracy and dependability of those guns each and every day. Now, at Bergara, they’re applying that same expertise to building our precision, custom-made, tactical and hunting rifles. For 2015 two lines of production rifles, the Premier Series and the Performance Series, are being introduced so as to expand the Bergara Rifle brand and quality to a wider range of consumers.